Brittany Anjou

“Because she likes girls”-Bi Tyrants: a Queer Jazzifesto w/-Brittany Anjou

by Maya Mesola

The Lena Dunham of Jazz. Comedic. Blunt. And about time. The eclectic arrangements of Brittany Anjou are a bouillabaisse of Paris Bohemia, Prague Beatnik, 1980s punk electric funk, 1990s avant-garde jazz, and 21st century feminist poetry. Her circular triads are evocative of Northern Ghanaian Gyil (which she also plays) and Stravinsky; a proper calling of the ancestors to join us in a new revolution to politically castrate everyday sexism, and the Jazz heteropatriarchy.

Zinc Bar, NYC Winter JazzFest 1.12.18

(photo credit: Maya Mesola, 2018)

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